South Florida Wedding Planner - Elegance by Michalea

South Florida Wedding Planner - Elegance by Michalea

South Florida - It's my pleasure to feature South Florida wedding planner Michalea, owner and head dreammaker at Elegance by Michalea, An amazing wedding planner with a gift for design (see the absolutely gorgeous floral centerpiece below), Michalea who will go above and beyond to make your dreams a reality.  Today, Michalea reveals what most couples forget to include in their wedding day timeline, the difference between a full planner and day-of coordinator (and how to know which one is right for you), and why it's so important to go with your heart.     

1. For those who don't know, what's the difference between day-of coordination and full planning?  How do you decide which one is right for you? 

Full Planning is for the bride who has a busy life/ work schedule.  A fill planner can be hired  as soon as the couple gets engaged, set a date and budget. They would like for you to help with everything such as creating a wedding timeline and budget and sticking to it. Planners also help with finding a caterer, baker, florist, photographer, venue, invitations, decor and proper etiquette.

A Day of Coordinator is not the person to call from the beginning. Day of Coordinators meet with the couple at least 2 month prior to the wedding to go over all the detail, like the venue and the vendors, create and wedding day time line, meet and give final payments to the vendors. 

Depending on the brides budget and how much she wants to be involved in the planning process will determine which one she needs. If the bride doesn't have a lot of time, then she should choose go with a Full Planner. If you don't have a big budget and want to be fully involved with planning and doing most of everything yourself, a Day of Coordinator if what you need. I recommend that every bride should at least have a Day of Coordinator.

2. What do most couples forget to include in their Wedding Day Timeline or Itinerary?  Also, you mention that you also have an emergency kit.  What's included in that?

I would have to say that with with wedding I have done, the couple forgot to include a time for pictures on the Timeline and Itinerary. 

In my emergency kit I have, a sewing kit, which includes fashion tape, spot remover and chalk, hair styling tools, mascara, chapstick, first-aid kit, antacids, asprin, smelling salts, deodorant, wipes, feminine products, earring backs, lotion, lint brush, nail file and glue, clear nail polish, extra pair of panty hose, tissues, toothbrush, toothpaste, eye drops, mints, blow dryer, umbrella, snack, water, straws, tape, permanent markers, dress socks. just to name a few

3. What makes you different from other planners in the area? 

I'm sure every planner enjoys what they do as do I. I like to go above and beyond for my clients. If they ask for silver, I give them gold, if they ask for gold I give them platinum, they want platinum, it give them double platinum. I'm also a planner that can make centerpieces and decorate for any occasion.

Floral Centerpiece - Elegance by Michalea

Floral Centerpiece - Elegance by Michalea

I worked with another planner to make this floral arrangement. This was my first time ever doing a floral centerpiece. Being a planner/coordinator is not just about the money for me. It's about helping brides bring their dreams to life, seeing the smile on the bride and grooms faces.

4. What's the most memorable wedding you've ever planned? 

All of my wedding are memorable, The one that sticks out in my mind is when a bride wanted her father and step-father to walk her down the aisle Since there was not enough room for all 3 to walk down, we had to step-father walk the bride half way and the father take her to the alter. I was such a touching moment in a world where some parents and step parents don't get along.

5. What's your best advice for couples? 

The best advice I can give to couples is to go with what your taste and feeling are, and also include some extra money in their budget. There are new trends that come out every year in the wedding world. Just because someone says that coral will be the color for Spring 2016 doesn't mean its the color for you.Or the latest trend in wedding cakes are painted art with fondant . GO with your heart and what you can afford. I would advise couple to open and account just for wedding expenses. You don't now want to enter your marriage with a lot of debt. 

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